Some personal thoughts on Street Photography

Street photography is not my strong point but I do really enjoy it. I love a challenge and for me street photography is certainly that. I would have to say that most of my efforts in learning photography have been put into landscape photography. It's where I am most comfortable and where my understanding of photography is at its peak.

Street photography when executed properly is probably one of my favourite genres of photography. A good street photograph poses more questions than answers or tricks the viewer into believing a reality imposed on them by the photographer. It's usually only after a second or third look that the true reality of the image is realised.

We see many photographs posted online (Including my own at this point in time) that are no more than images of people walking the street. Some choose to photograph the homeless or extremely overweight individuals in an attempt to add more interest to their photos. Unless in a context that adds narrative to the image, or in an effort to bring attention to a serious social issue and affect change, I feel that this is largely inappropriate. I photographed a homeless man and his dog on one occasion, choosing to do so as the gentleman had his hand over his face. If I had to make the decision again I would choose not to take the photo. There was no real point to the photograph no matter how hard I tried to justify it to myself other than to highlight another persons misfortune.

In order to improve my street photography I'll need to spend a lot more time walking the street and as Matt Hart says. "Learn to see". As with anything in life, you don't tend to get better unless you practice, practice, practice.

At this point in time I'm trying to include a link between the subject and their surroundings as often as possible. The picture above was taken simply because the backpack matched the graffiti around the street. The one below because of the word 'Boo' and the glitter-ball styled bag owned by the glamorous elderly women fitted the theme of the record shop she sat in front of.

I think its important to remember that whoever we choose to photograph, we do so in a way that is respectful and that doesn't intentionally make fun of their appearance or actions. It's also important to remember that the photographs we make now, may not have a huge impact but give it 10 or 20 years, when fashions and locations have changed and I'd imagine they would be received in a very different way. Photography is massively important in this respect, as every time we make an image we are documenting human history.

I choose to use the Fujifilm X-Pro2 when shooting on the street. It's a great camera that is small, quiet and discreet. It provides fantastic image quality and when combined with a lens such as the 35mm f/2 is lightning fast to focus when using the cameras autofocus system. I am considering the purchase of an X100F as a smaller alternative to the X-Pro2 but that decision is yet to be made.


Matt Walkley

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Rob Wood

A Fujiholics Story - Rob Wood

Rob Wood, so you’re a Fujiholic?

Since buying an Fujifilm X100T in June 2016, I was instantly impressed with the small powerhouse of a camera. Not only with its performance but also on its sheer good looks and how it felt in the hands. Once getting familiar with it and its capabilities I was well and truly hooked on the Fujifilm brand.

Seeing articles on pre production of the original X100 I wanted one straight away as it reminded me of my days with my old rangefinders. I love minimalism and a 'Rangefinder' type camera suits me fine.

Fast forward to 2016, in Rome, a Canon 5D mark ii hanging from my wrist all week. The result? Sore neck, aching elbow and a decision to buy the Fujifilm X100T, not a difficult decision considering all the reviews I´d been reading.

The Fujifilm X100T had all I needed in a camera for my type of shooting, image quality, stunning looks, portability, ergonomics, usability and best of all its pure fun to use, which can only induce motivation to improve my photography.

My first love is ' Street' photography and the X100T with its field of view I find is just perfect.

I've considered the Fujifilm X-Pro2/X-T2 but I love the Fujifilm X100T and being angst free from not having to choose which lens to use.

Less stress equals happy photographer. The Fujifilm X100T, for me, puts true enjoyment back in to photography.

Am I a 'Fujiholic'?  Without any doubt, a camera that puts a smile on my face is good enough for me.

Which is your favourite lens and why?

As I only shoot with the X100T, it has to be the Fujinon 23mm fixed lens.

When out shooting, what are your settings and why?

  • I shoot in RAW
  • Automatic White Balance
  • Film Simulation on Standard
  • Dynamic Range on auto
  • Noise Reduction to zero
  • Highlight/Shadow  tones I adjust to suit for prevailing conditions
  • Colour on zero
  • Sharpness on zero

Depending on the look of the image I'm making I'll use either Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Zone Focus,

Generally I use ISO Auto control with a default sensitivity of 200 and maximum sensitivity of 6400 with a minimum shutter speed of 1/125th.

I never use manual focus.

What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

I import my files into Lightroom 6, zero out LR default sharpening then export to 'NIK sliver Efex Pro 2 where for me the magic happens.

What is your favourite film simulation? why?

I stay on 'Standard' mode, i'm not that keen on film simulation modes.

What’s next?

I'm hoping to have an exhibition in 2017, dependent on costs of course, I know it's not cheap and I'm retired now so have to watch the budgets.

There's lots of opportunities here in Barcelona where I now live and it's a fantastic city for doing what I love most, 'Street' photography.

If the exhibition never happens I won't be too bothered, it would be interesting though. I just love getting out there amongst it all and then the excitement of seeing my shots on the computer and hopefully one will jump right off the screen. The icing on the cake.

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Matt's Podcast With Valerie Jardin

Matt has finally managed to find some time to sit with the wonderful Valerie Jardin to deliver his tips on street photography.

This is a fantastic podcast, giving you a range of tips to get you started in street photography.

Matt and Valerie have great conversations about what makes street photography so amazing to shoot.

You can check out the podcast here>>

Liverpool Photo Walk 2016

Rich Waine's Story:

After the success of last years Liverpool photowalk, FujiHolics decided to host another photowalk around the great city of Liverpool. This years event did not disappoint...

The day started off down on Liverpool's waterfront outside the River Mersey ferry terminal and home to the Beatles Museum. As most know, I can not even begin to socialise unless I have had some sort of bacon related meal and a warm cup of coffee. In true fashion, I ended up wearing most of what I was attempting to eat and not in a fashionable bacon wearing, headlining Lady Gaga way.

As the group started to grow, several introductions later, Matt Hart, the photowalk organiser and host gave a quick overview of what the photo walk was about, the route and the usual do's & don't for the day before officially starting the 2016 photo walk.

For anyone who does not know what a photowalk involves, it is a organised gathering of photographers who walk a route carrying out various types of photography, it is also a great networking opportunity were many friendships can be made.

FujiHolics is about FujiFilm camera users sharing a passion about the FujiFilm brand but with the focus being centred around the social gathering element or workshops,  not purely hardware related. The free photowalks are not limited to owners of FujiFilm cameras, anyone with an smartphone to a Hubble space telescope are welcome on the walks which makes for some great banter between owners of brands but also allows people of other brands a chance to try out the FujiFilm X system which usually often surprises a lot of people which how versatile the system is.

I genuinely do not think I have ever enjoyed myself so much as I have done today at any photography related event, and there has been some noteable, epic FujiHolics events...

Some of today's highlights included silly hats, selfie sticks, bad jokes, road kill Elmo's, non-birthday celebration and hug avoiding.. but most of all it's been full of great company with some people I would like to call my friends and other people who I have met for the first time and finally been able to put names to faces. I think I even managed a smile at some point.

I have come away from today's event with the view that there is more to life than being too concerned with elements of photography, that really, on reflection just do not really matter. Photography for the most, is something you should just go out and do instead of being stuck behind a computer screen reading technical specs, arguing on photography related forums as who makes the best camera and bragging rights over mega pixels and who can get the most likes on social media.

Text courtesy of Rich Waine:

A Fujiholics Story - Fujiholics London 2015


We want to first say a big thanks to everyone who came along! We all had a great weekend...

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A Fujiholics Story - Matt Hart

About you

I was born in Hammersmith in London, England UK. I was born Dyslexic and I struggled at school with the more academic subjects but did very well in the Arts and Science. I found being Dyslexic more of a gift than a disability.  My Dyslexia was one of the more rare forms where two areas of the brain are not connected in the Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area so there was no hope for me to improve my academic skills. After I found out Einstein was Dyslexic and also quite a few photographers at the time there was no holding me back. I had a dream of one day becoming a photographer. I left School with average grades and started out shooting events and weddings with 35mm film. This was short lived due to starting a family so the photography was hit and miss over the years. I am now a professional photographer shooting events and street photography, as well as teaching photographers on training courses and workshops in Street photography.

I moved to the North West of England about 9 years ago to be with my girlfriend Jane, at first it was quite hard to adjust but now I find that Liverpool inspires me to take more and more images. The North West is also in a great position in the UK for me to travel up and down the country to teach courses and talk at events. 

So, you’re a Fujiholic?

I was shooting with Nikon for over 30 years but started to get fed up with the weight of the equipment. I had a fall on the Isle of Skye whilst shooting landscapes on holiday and broke a few ribs; this was down to the sheer weight of camera gear on my back.


When I got back home I started to look for new options and bought myself a Fuji X100 wow! What a great little camera. I started to use the X100 more and more and leave the Nikon D3s in the bag.  For street photography the X100 was amazing.  Soon after that I bought the XPro1 and shot Liverpool International Music Festival with the Fuji and the Nikon D3s. Following the festival I decided to shoot Fuji only. I sold all my Nikon Pro gear! Big brave move but one I do not regret. I shoot mainly black and white and the Fuji X series are perfect for my style of shooting.

I think mirrorless cameras are going to change the industry that is one reason I changed over so quickly for a DSLR to Fuji X. It’s almost like the change from film to digital. I have to admit I was late changing over from film. I did not want to miss the opportunity of changing over to mirrorless I wanted to embrace the change. Mirrorless cameras are improving all the time but the Fuji X for me are putting the passion back in my work. They are light, easy to carry and you can shoot all day without arm ache or backache from carrying the gear. You can have a bag full of lenses and not even feel the weight.  My street style is unobtrusive and discreet so the Xpro1 works like a dream.  I know they are not up to sport or wildlife quite yet but it won’t be long. I do think there is a quiet revolution going on, the DSLR has had its day! 

fujiholics-matt-hart-10I have fallen in love with Fuji like no other! My favorite camera of all time was my Nikon Fm2 I still shoot film with this camera but not anymore. I am now in love with the XPro1 with the X-T1 close behind. I found myself talking about Fuji all the time on the internet and Fuji groups were springing up all over the place. I wanted to try and pull the passion for the brand into one place and bring like minded professionals together so I started a secret Fujiholics Facebook group. Within no time I have requests to join from all over the world from photographers of every level and ability so I decided to expand the group to and include a Fujiholics open Facebook group that anyone can join and share their love for the Fuji brand and the X Series. We now have a small group of Admin, nearly all Pro Photographers and have expanded over to Google Plus and Twitter as well as Instagram. One thing that’s a stand out for me is the passion for the Fuji X series. I did not expect the group to have the interest it has had. I hope to build on that in the future. I love the Fuji brand and the amazing team behind the brand. The guys at Fuji all show real passion for the brand and this I find very refreshing.


Which is your favourite lens? Why?

I use the Fuji X100T for about 80% of my work and this has a fixed lens. But my favorite lens for my Street Photography has to be the 35mm f/1.4 I am a prime lover and this lens ticks so many boxes for me.

When you next go travelling, what gear will you take?

I travel all the time with my work and I always have the X100T with me at all times, this camera stays in my bag and then goes in my pocket every where I go. 

If I was going on holiday to Scotland I would take an X-T1 and Xpro1 with 35mm 18mm 60mm 10-24mm 50-140mm 16-55mm but if I was going on a flight I would take the lenses that I needed to shoot that area of the world and travel with less kit. 


When out shooting, what are your settings? Why?

My settings vary from job to job but my Street set up on my X100T is Auto ISO with Iso200 as min and ISO 6400 as max and 1/125 sec as lowest speed, I would shoot on Aperture Priority most of the time at about f4 I would also shoot a mixture of Zone focus and Auto focus.

What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

I use Adobe CC with Lightroom and Photoshop but I hardly ever use Photoshop in my Street work, I normally only use Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

What is your favourite Film Simulation? Why? 

I am a RAW shooter, I prefer working with RAW files and don't use any of the great film simulation modes.


What's next?

I am in the middle of a natural light street project that is exploring movement with long exposure ! I only have limited free time and setting up and shooting LE in the street is not that easy so the project has become a steep learning curve.

I have quite a few workshop planned for 2015.

I also plan to buy the new 16mm Lens I was lucky enough to try this lens out a few weeks back and have to say its stunning! I was testing it in very low light and it was super fast and very very sharp.

I am also involved in the #StreetLife competition at with Fujifilm and Clifton Cameras, so cant wait to get out on the three amazing free Street walks with all the team and people that sign up to come out for the day to one of the great city's.

I will be at Cambrian Photography for their May the 23rd show and at all the Fujiholics free events we have planned for 2015 / 2016 

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