Fujiholics Liverpool Photowalk 2017

Liverpool Autumn Photowalk 2017

The final Fujiholics Liverpool photo-walk of 2017 started off at Liverpool City Centre's Central Library.

Located opposite St Georges Hall, the Library was rebuilt and reopened in 2013 with a greatly remodelled architecture which is very photogenic within its own right especially the Picton Reading rooms and rooftop access.

Inside the library is a great little cafe where we did a meet and greet over a tea/coffee & scone and also allows for people to have a quick look around the library before we head off on the main walk.

Once outside, Matt Hart gave his usual briefing before we started to head off to St George’s Hall towards Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral which also known by the nicknames 'the wigwam', 'Paddy's Wigwam', and 'The Pope's Launching Pad' amongst other names. The Wigwam gave us the opportunity to do out the traditional group shot and for people to go off and explore the Cathedral and the others the chance to grab a tea/coffee and a sandwich.

We headed across the city centre to the 'Liverpool Anglican Cathedral' where people could explore the rooftop. The rooftop offers the best 360-degree view of all Liverpool city and allows for great shots. For those that did not want to go up to the roof, the cathedral itself has many places to explore and another chance for tea and cake.

After a regroup, we slowly headed down to the waterfront passing interesting buildings, down past Liverpool one and then around the Albert Dock with its historical buildings, tall ships and quirky old food vans. We stopped by the Museum of Liverpool which has some great photographic spaces within it from the spiral staircase to the huge windows which overlook the Albert Dock and Pier-head towards the three graces and ferry terminal.

For those that wanted to go for food after the walk, we headed to a local pub then made our way to the Baltic Triangle part of the city and dined at The Baltic Social.

As with most photo walks... the day was enjoyable by all those that attended, new friends were made and hopefully, some great photos were taken.

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Liverpool Photo Walk 2016

Rich Waine's Story:

After the success of last years Liverpool photowalk, FujiHolics decided to host another photowalk around the great city of Liverpool. This years event did not disappoint...

The day started off down on Liverpool's waterfront outside the River Mersey ferry terminal and home to the Beatles Museum. As most know, I can not even begin to socialise unless I have had some sort of bacon related meal and a warm cup of coffee. In true fashion, I ended up wearing most of what I was attempting to eat and not in a fashionable bacon wearing, headlining Lady Gaga way.

As the group started to grow, several introductions later, Matt Hart, the photowalk organiser and host gave a quick overview of what the photo walk was about, the route and the usual do's & don't for the day before officially starting the 2016 photo walk.

For anyone who does not know what a photowalk involves, it is a organised gathering of photographers who walk a route carrying out various types of photography, it is also a great networking opportunity were many friendships can be made.

FujiHolics is about FujiFilm camera users sharing a passion about the FujiFilm brand but with the focus being centred around the social gathering element or workshops,  not purely hardware related. The free photowalks are not limited to owners of FujiFilm cameras, anyone with an smartphone to a Hubble space telescope are welcome on the walks which makes for some great banter between owners of brands but also allows people of other brands a chance to try out the FujiFilm X system which usually often surprises a lot of people which how versatile the system is.

I genuinely do not think I have ever enjoyed myself so much as I have done today at any photography related event, and there has been some noteable, epic FujiHolics events...

Some of today's highlights included silly hats, selfie sticks, bad jokes, road kill Elmo's, non-birthday celebration and hug avoiding.. but most of all it's been full of great company with some people I would like to call my friends and other people who I have met for the first time and finally been able to put names to faces. I think I even managed a smile at some point.

I have come away from today's event with the view that there is more to life than being too concerned with elements of photography, that really, on reflection just do not really matter. Photography for the most, is something you should just go out and do instead of being stuck behind a computer screen reading technical specs, arguing on photography related forums as who makes the best camera and bragging rights over mega pixels and who can get the most likes on social media.

Text courtesy of Rich Waine: http://www.fujixmad.com/Blog/FujiHolics-Liverpool-Photowalk/