15% off Formatt-Hitech

Fujiholics along with Formatt-Hitech discount code are pleased to offer any Fujiholics member 15% off Formatt-Hitech products which are purchased from Formatt-Hitech's website.

Formatt-hitech are one of the leading brands in filters finished which are finished to a high standard.

To take advantage of this discount, please use the promotional code: FILTERHOLIC15 on the checkout page.

Once applied, this will take 15% of the order total.

25% off Fujifilm Hire @ HireACamera.com

HireACamera.com have an exclusive offer on their range of Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

This offer allows you to get 25% off the hire of any Fujifilm body or lens. What makes this great, that the offer also applies to Fujifilm's GFX 50s for anyone wanting to hire it to try.

Andreas Georghiades, Fujifilm UK’s Marketing Manager said

‘ The real joy of Fujifilm cameras
is the combination of traditional styling with cutting edge technology. They are designed with
the photographer in mind to make you fall in love with taking pictures and we want to get our
cameras and lenses into more people's hands.
Our partnership with Hireacamera will give more people the opportunity to use Fujifilm
cameras and lenses for short, medium or long-term hires at a fraction of the price, and might
just be the incentive they need to see for themselves what the fuss is all about.
Whether you want to test some of our latest cameras, or need a backup to your existing kit
for a shoot, Hireacamera offers the perfect solution.”

Guy Thatcher, Managing Director at Hireacamera was equally delighted, he commented,

‘The growing levels of excitement about Fujifilm’s cameras grew consistently throughout
2016 and the surge of interest we received when the GFX release dates were announced,
earlier this year, was unprecedented. To that end, we’ve worked collaboratively with Fujifilm
to deliver this very attractive offering to everyone who is interested in Fujifilm cameras.’

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, the offer will be automatically applied to rental prices from 18/03/2017.

Hire A Camera Link

Fujiholics Clothing

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced Fujiholics clothing range starting with a T-shirt and Hoodie.

The T-Shirt & Hoodies come in various sizes and feature the Fujiholics - Feed The Addiction logo.

We've kept the design simple and not too loud..


Fujiholics - Feed the Addition Hoodie (Black)
Fujiholics - Feed the Addition Hoodie (Black)
Fujiholics - Feed the Addition TShirt (Black)
Fujiholics - Feed the Addition T-Shirt (Black)















For more information and to order an item, please visit the following links

T-Shirt =  Fujiholics - Feed the Addition T-Shirt

Hoodie = Fujiholics - Feed the Addition Hoodie