I'm a Professional Photographer! Why would I go on a photography workshop?

I have photographed over 400 weddings, sometimes I feel amazing and sometimes I feel like a beginner! As photographers we give so much to our clients, we bring out so much from them. We make the miserable people smile, we make the insecure feel great about how they look! We manage stress, emotions, family politics, all within short time frames, difficult lighting conditions within unfamiliar venue/locations! We burn ourselves out achieving the best for our clients !

How do we top up our creativity and passion?

Workshops are amazing places to share ideas, think differently and look at ways to work differently !

I promised myself many years ago that I will always top up my creativity with learning from others! I always come away from a workshop! Revitalised, energised, ready to see me through for the next season of weddings! I don't think I could keep so passionate without these amazing, low cost workshops !

Photography workshops always bring back the love I first had for photography! I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that excites me, I'm like a child again, happy in my zone!

So even after 400 weddings I get so much out of a street workshop a landscape workshop or even a business related workshop!

I owe it to my business and my customers, but above all I owe it to myself !


If you have never done a workshop because you believe it's beneath you or you won't get anything from it, I really believe you are missing out !

No course will make you a photographer, I see them as building blocks, if I can learn one thing on a workshop, I'm so happy, because I add that to my workflow and that Leads to a happier me !

The added bonus, is you shoot for you, you get to drink plenty of coffee, some hot fruit toast, and you fill your lungs with some lovely fresh air along with sometime out with your everyday life !


Lee Glasgow


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Switching to Fujifilm - Lee Glasgow

Lee's background:

13 years ago I purchased a Canon 300d, what a wonderful camera it was in its day, then I upgraded every 2-3 years ending with the Canon 5D Mark three, there is no denying these are great camera’s !

7 years ago I decided to focus on weddings and my kit replicated most other wedding photographers equipment ! A couple of years ago i realised my bones were taking a battering from carrying around two full frame camera bodies and 4 heavy lens’s for 12 hours at a time!

I then purchased the little Fuji X100t after reading the reviews from a couple of well known fuji ambassadors, now i have to say this was a perfect travel camera/gig camera/family camera, I love it, but I never really had much success with it at weddings!

My Canon gear that had served me well but was looking battered and it was obvious that it would soon need replacing. Once again I started following the blogs of the Fujifilm  ambassadors and started to get excited with the  Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the new The Fujifilm X-T2! Lets fast forward as I’m boring myself!


Lee's current kit:

My kit now includes 2 Fujifilm X-T2’s  a 50-140mm 2.8, the 56mm 1.2 and the 16mm 1.4 lens (i will be adding a lens to bridge the gap between the 16mm and the 56mm in time)

So what have I learnt in changing over?

Well firstly, Im now carrying around 2.5kg less equipment than before, I really can feel huge difference!
I shoot always in manual for everything, so shooting in manual on the Fujifilm X-T2 came so natural, there was little or no learning to be done! The tilt screen is a God send.

I went on a training day with Chris Chambers Photography, I felt smug as the other members lay on the floor getting muddy and damp, i simply crouched down and tilted the screen, I shoot low, high and waist height now, why? because I can!, this is not really possible without the tilting screen because of seeing whats in the frame and focusing, well not for me anyway!

Lee Glasgow

Lee's go to lens:

My lens of choice for when I’m taking portraits at the wedding or capturing guests chatting, is the 56mm, with its 1.2f stop i simply love the results it achieves.

So is the Fujifilm X-T2 a wedding camera?

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned if you were to give me two 5d mark 4’s right now, hand on heart, I would not trade these fuji’s in! Why would I? They have the focusing I require and the speed shutter rate I require, even without the booster grip! Yes its a cropped sensor, but connect a prime lens to this you have an amazing fast, light, versatile camera, and we have not even gone into Video in camera options!

Lee Glasgow

The support I have received from the Fuji community has been amazing!

Here is the cheese folks!

I became a photographer because I fell in love with a camera!

and now?

I guess, Im a born again Fujiholic!


Lee Glasgow

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