Fujiholics Wales Weekend - Tuan Nguyen's Story

I have often wanted to go along to one of the Fujiholics weekends hosted by Matt Hart & Sarah Jones, but never got round to as it clashed with one thing or another, so this year my wife Liz and I actually made concrete plans and even booked into a camp site.

After work on Friday, we threw our little dog Flossie in the back of our campervan and headed towards Snowdonia from Folkestone in Kent. It was a long journey with lots of stops at service stations for a nap. We finally arrived on Saturday morning just in time to see the Fujiholics crew set out on their day’s photographic tour around Beddgelert. It was great to see some familiar faces as well as meet new Fuji enthusiasts. I was too knackered to join immediately as I needed an hour’s kip before my mind would function.

Having never been to this particular spot before I was struck by how beautiful the whole surrounding was, even the campsite had fantastic views. The following image was taken early on Sunday morning after Flossie had woken me up to take her out for a wee, seeing the scene in front of me I had to pull out my X-T1 and 56mm for a shot.



After a quick nap, I set off on the trail that Matt had described to meet up with rest of the Fujiholics. On my walk along the river bank, I came to an area where the river widened a little before snaking its way again in the distance. I had a feeling that it would make a nice long exposure shot, so I set up my kit there. As I was in the middle of taking my shot, I spotted Matt and the others coming towards me from the other side of the bank, just my luck to have chosen the wrong side, but the image was worth it.


Encouraged by the scenery flowing in front of me, I continued on along the river bank covered in fern bushes until I came across a clearing which allowed me to climb down and photograph one of the many rocks strewn along the river’s length.


At this point I was getting knackered and decided to head back to the camp for another nap. Later on the evening we met up with the other Fujiholics for a delicious wood fired pizza and scrumptious coffee and walnut cup cakes made by Tina Hogg. It was really nice to meet up and chat with other enthusiasts as well as a bit of banter. To round things off we walked back into town to meet up with those Fujiholics who were too soft to camp for a couple of drinks at a local hotel bar. I think we took over the whole of one bar.

During the evening I somehow suggested that instead of going to Llanberis for midday, we should meet up at 10 and get an early start. Rich Waine kindly agreed to show us the way. Needless to say 10 o’clock went by and I was still in my bed. Eventually we made it to Llanberis to capture the famous lone tree in the lake. There are many shots of this tree, I am glad I have my own version of it.


Despite the almost 700 mile round trip, we had a great time in Snowdonia with fellow Fujiholics who happen to be the most chilled out bunch of photographers. Hopefully we will meet up again at another event in the near future.