A Fujiholics Story – David Yeoman

About you

Born in the 60’s, I bought my first real camera (SLR) whilst at university, after graduating I worked for Plessey writing real-time software, before moving to Reading to work in the broadcast TV industry. Since 1994 I have run my own businesses in the world of industrial imaging, culminating in my current work in Industrial Automation. I specify and fit cameras to production lines and write software to interpret the image, to inspect products/parts or act as the eyes of a robot (robot guidance). I’ve also been moving slowly further northwards, from starting in Poole, Dorset, I’ve got as far as Cheshire, I reckon by the time I retire I’ll have reached Oban!

Photography although part of my business is a complete passion, almost an obsession. Not only do I love taking part, but I enjoy teaching others, and for the last two years I’ve been running workshops for a local camera shop, and starting in 2018 will be running a number of workshops for Fujiholics.

So you’re a Fujiholic?

Fuji cameras are in my blood…… my first SLR was a Fuji STX-1N, my first digital camera was a Fuji MX2900. Despite a couple of forays into the world of Canon, I’ve returned to Fuji and for the last 5 years, I have been shooting with the X series cameras. I’ve owned many models (X100, XF1, X-E1, X-E2, X-T1, X-T2, X-A2, X100F), but now have two main bodies X-T2 and X100F, my original X100 is going nowhere though, and still gets the odd trip out, it’s a bit like taking a classic car out, slow, a bit bumpy, but the journey is always enjoyable.

John Rylands Library
John Rylands Library

Fuji lenses have always been excellent (I even use a lot of the C-mount products in my Industrial Automation work), and in my opinion, the light and optics are what forms the picture. In my Industrial Imaging work, we always say that lighting and optics are 95% of the problem, the rest is just selecting the right sensor and amount of computer power. It’s really no different in photography!

Which is your favourite lens? Why?

My favourite focal length is without doubt 23mm (35mm FF), I could be happy if I only ever shot at this focal length, so I suppose you’d have to say that’s my favourite, but the one lens that takes my breath away every time I use it is the XF90mm. It’s a very special lens, both in terms of sharpness, out of focus bokeh and it’s colour rendition.

When you next go travelling, what gear will you take?

If it’s a city break or a family holiday, I’ll travel light, often taking the X100F, Wide Angle Converter, spare batteries and memory cards. I feel that there is very little you can’t do with an X100 series camera, yes you have to zoom with your feet, and sometimes you can’t make that first shot you envisage, but there is always that more interesting second shot that you didn’t initially see that the X100 series captures so well.

I managed to go on a weeks holiday to the Isle of Mull, leaving my then DSLR bag at home (a packing mistake!), all I had was an X100, one battery of indeterminate charge and a tripod, no spare batteries, memory cards, etc. By switching off power-hungry functions, relying on the OVF, I managed to make the week, taking over 350 shots, even shooting Puffins (though I had to sit still for a long time, and heavily crop!). It’s a very capable camera.

But if it’s a ‘photographic expedition’, I’ll take the X-T2, a selection of lenses, tripod, filters, etc.

When out shooting, what are your settings? Why?

Again this varies, I always shoot RAW+JPG, but rarely use the JPG, but the simulation helps compose the image in your head. There are three images to every photograph, the one in your head, the one the camera takes and the resultant one from post-production. Most of us strive to get the first and last images the same!

On the whole I’m an Aperture Priority shooter, when I’m out a photography day, I’m very deliberate with my settings, I’ll spend some time getting it right especially with regard to composition, I’ve found that by slowing down I end up with more ‘keepers’ at the end of the day (and as a bonus I don’t have to wade through thousands of images to find those keepers!)

But on a city break, I’ll often just set up the Auto-ISO (comfortably up to 6400 on X-Trans3), set a min shutter speed, and then just adjust aperture as I need it. It enables me to shoot fast and gives reliable results.

What kind of tools do you use for post-processing?

I use LightRoom with some of the NIK software plug-ins, notably Dfine for noise reduction and Silver Efex Pro for Black & White conversion. Once you get your head around the control points in Silver Efex Pro, it is a very powerful tool.

Unless I’m working on a project that demands a high level of post-processing, I like to process my images quickly, I’ll often only select a few to process from a shoot, and rarely spend more than 5 minutes on each image.

What is your favourite Film Simulation? Why?

I don’t really have a favourite, but usually, my camera is set to PROVIA or ACROS+R if I want to see the tonal contrast.

What’s Next?

In my own photography, I’m working towards being more project-based, not exclusively, but to try and give some structure to my photographic journey. There are always more ideas that I want to try, it's finding the time and money to do them! I have an endless bucket list……

With regard to equipment, I’m really happy with what I have at present (though I should probably cull a few lenses!), but I can sense that there is a MF itch that needs scratching!

I also intend to develop my workshops, enabling more people to learn new skills, so hopefully, I’ll see some of you on Fujiholics workshops.






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Rob Wood

A Fujiholics Story - Rob Wood

Rob Wood, so you’re a Fujiholic?

Since buying an Fujifilm X100T in June 2016, I was instantly impressed with the small powerhouse of a camera. Not only with its performance but also on its sheer good looks and how it felt in the hands. Once getting familiar with it and its capabilities I was well and truly hooked on the Fujifilm brand.

Seeing articles on pre production of the original X100 I wanted one straight away as it reminded me of my days with my old rangefinders. I love minimalism and a 'Rangefinder' type camera suits me fine.

Fast forward to 2016, in Rome, a Canon 5D mark ii hanging from my wrist all week. The result? Sore neck, aching elbow and a decision to buy the Fujifilm X100T, not a difficult decision considering all the reviews I´d been reading.

The Fujifilm X100T had all I needed in a camera for my type of shooting, image quality, stunning looks, portability, ergonomics, usability and best of all its pure fun to use, which can only induce motivation to improve my photography.

My first love is ' Street' photography and the X100T with its field of view I find is just perfect.

I've considered the Fujifilm X-Pro2/X-T2 but I love the Fujifilm X100T and being angst free from not having to choose which lens to use.

Less stress equals happy photographer. The Fujifilm X100T, for me, puts true enjoyment back in to photography.

Am I a 'Fujiholic'?  Without any doubt, a camera that puts a smile on my face is good enough for me.

Which is your favourite lens and why?

As I only shoot with the X100T, it has to be the Fujinon 23mm fixed lens.

When out shooting, what are your settings and why?

  • I shoot in RAW
  • Automatic White Balance
  • Film Simulation on Standard
  • Dynamic Range on auto
  • Noise Reduction to zero
  • Highlight/Shadow  tones I adjust to suit for prevailing conditions
  • Colour on zero
  • Sharpness on zero

Depending on the look of the image I'm making I'll use either Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Zone Focus,

Generally I use ISO Auto control with a default sensitivity of 200 and maximum sensitivity of 6400 with a minimum shutter speed of 1/125th.

I never use manual focus.

What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

I import my files into Lightroom 6, zero out LR default sharpening then export to 'NIK sliver Efex Pro 2 where for me the magic happens.

What is your favourite film simulation? why?

I stay on 'Standard' mode, i'm not that keen on film simulation modes.

What’s next?

I'm hoping to have an exhibition in 2017, dependent on costs of course, I know it's not cheap and I'm retired now so have to watch the budgets.

There's lots of opportunities here in Barcelona where I now live and it's a fantastic city for doing what I love most, 'Street' photography.

If the exhibition never happens I won't be too bothered, it would be interesting though. I just love getting out there amongst it all and then the excitement of seeing my shots on the computer and hopefully one will jump right off the screen. The icing on the cake.

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In the bag - Warren Millar's Gig Gear

Who am i?

I am Warren Millar, Fujiholics newest team member. I have already run some workshops for Fujiholics over the last year as well as regularly attending Fujiholics events and I am also looking forward to contributing to the Fujiholics blog. A little more on my photographer background can be found on my Fujiholics profile page.Read more

Switching to Fujifilm - Lee Glasgow

Lee's background:

13 years ago I purchased a Canon 300d, what a wonderful camera it was in its day, then I upgraded every 2-3 years ending with the Canon 5D Mark three, there is no denying these are great camera’s !

7 years ago I decided to focus on weddings and my kit replicated most other wedding photographers equipment ! A couple of years ago i realised my bones were taking a battering from carrying around two full frame camera bodies and 4 heavy lens’s for 12 hours at a time!

I then purchased the little Fuji X100t after reading the reviews from a couple of well known fuji ambassadors, now i have to say this was a perfect travel camera/gig camera/family camera, I love it, but I never really had much success with it at weddings!

My Canon gear that had served me well but was looking battered and it was obvious that it would soon need replacing. Once again I started following the blogs of the Fujifilm  ambassadors and started to get excited with the  Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the new The Fujifilm X-T2! Lets fast forward as I’m boring myself!


Lee's current kit:

My kit now includes 2 Fujifilm X-T2’s  a 50-140mm 2.8, the 56mm 1.2 and the 16mm 1.4 lens (i will be adding a lens to bridge the gap between the 16mm and the 56mm in time)

So what have I learnt in changing over?

Well firstly, Im now carrying around 2.5kg less equipment than before, I really can feel huge difference!
I shoot always in manual for everything, so shooting in manual on the Fujifilm X-T2 came so natural, there was little or no learning to be done! The tilt screen is a God send.

I went on a training day with Chris Chambers Photography, I felt smug as the other members lay on the floor getting muddy and damp, i simply crouched down and tilted the screen, I shoot low, high and waist height now, why? because I can!, this is not really possible without the tilting screen because of seeing whats in the frame and focusing, well not for me anyway!

Lee Glasgow

Lee's go to lens:

My lens of choice for when I’m taking portraits at the wedding or capturing guests chatting, is the 56mm, with its 1.2f stop i simply love the results it achieves.

So is the Fujifilm X-T2 a wedding camera?

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned if you were to give me two 5d mark 4’s right now, hand on heart, I would not trade these fuji’s in! Why would I? They have the focusing I require and the speed shutter rate I require, even without the booster grip! Yes its a cropped sensor, but connect a prime lens to this you have an amazing fast, light, versatile camera, and we have not even gone into Video in camera options!

Lee Glasgow

The support I have received from the Fuji community has been amazing!

Here is the cheese folks!

I became a photographer because I fell in love with a camera!

and now?

I guess, Im a born again Fujiholic!


Lee Glasgow

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A Fujiholics Story Revisited, Warren Millar

A Fujiholics Story Revisited recently caught up with Warren Millar to see if anything has changed since his A Fujiholics Story at the beginning of the year and to see what he planning to do in the future.

When we last caught up with you, you owned a Fujifilm X-Pro1 & X-T1, is this still your current setup?

I still have, and use my X-Pro1 and X-T1 but have added the X-Pro2 which I now use for most of my gig photography alongside my X-T1. My X-Pro1 is now the camera I carry around with me everywhere I go usually with the 27mm attached. The X-Pro2 is a great camera and I have grown to love it.

Fujiholics Story Revisited

You stated that the 50-140mm 2.8 zoom lens was your favourite lens, with other lenses available since, is this still your preferred lens?

It’s still my favourite lens. For what I normally photograph its ideal. In my time I’ve used quite a few great pieces of glass and the Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 is right up there amongst the best. I have recently got a Samyang 12mm which will be getting used a lot I think.

Fujiholics Story Revisited
Out of the current Fujifilm X series line up, is there anything you have got your eye on buying?

Oh yes I would love to own an X-T2 , I was lucky enough to use and have a little play with the X-T2 before it came out. Alongside my X-Pro2 at gigs and when working at The Studio (a music venue where I’m the resident photographer) they would make a killer combo. I live in hope that sometime soon I will have one.

Fujiholics Story Revisited
You made the switch to mirrorless from DLSR a while ago, has using X series cameras changed the way you approach your photography?

Without a doubt, I think I said this in my first “Your Story” for Fujiholics. The X Series brings back the magic of photography for me and makes me think more about the images before I even press the shutter, even in what can sometimes be a fast moving environment like the press pit at a festival.

A while back you ran a gig photography workshop for a group of photographers, how did that go?

It was a great day, I loved every second of it and I got some great feedback from the guys and girls who attended. Take a look at the blog post that Jim very kindly posted from the day. I must thank my fellow Fujiholics and good friends Jim and Richard for turning up on the day and helping me out, I know for a fact their contribution to the sessions were well received by all in attendance. Also a big thanks to the lovely guys at “The Studio” where we held the workshop, anyone that knows me also knows how much I love working there. A great place for local live music and art. Not forgetting “Faster Than Bulls” who played a great set for us all.  Look out for another gig photography workshop there around February next year which is in the planning with a great band lined up to play for us.

What are you future plans?

Things are looking up, like I said I am planning another gig photography workshop in February 2017 again at “The Studio” and also looking forward to working with Liverpool's great music webzine “Get in to this” starting this October. I will also be covering “Shiine On Weekend” at Butlins Minehead for these guys with what looks like a great line up including “Echo and The Bunnymen” “Black Grape” and “Cast” just to name a few ( I may need to pack my dancing shoes!) So not too bad considering I no longer do this full time but to be honest I have never enjoyed myself so much and I do think Fuji and Fujiholics have a lot to do with this.Fujiholics Story Revisited

Any advice for anyone etc?

Only to get out and shoot more. Shoot what you enjoy shooting and have fun. The best way to do this is to get to a Fujiholics “Photowalk” the people you will meet there are great and a lot of experienced photographers who are more than willing to help and freely give advice. So just get out with your cameras and enjoy.

Love and Peace x


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A Fujiholics Story - Han Dekker

I’m Han Dekker, a Dutch street photographer based in Nijmegen. Nijmegen is a nice town, it’s the oldest town of the Netherlands.

I go out every day with my camera. After hauling around a huge Canon full-frame with L glass and battery grip for five years I saw a Fuji x100s.Read more

A Fujiholics Story - Graham Ormondroyd

About you

Graham Ormondroyd 01I have been playing with Cameras ever since I was a lad, the first of many hand-me-down cameras was a Kodak 110, a camera that a still have laying around somewhere today! Being a guy that is obsessed with technology and generally an early adopter I played with a few new and short-lived film formats (notably APS) before plunging in and buying my first digital SLR, a Minolta with a whopping 5 Megapixel sensor. My love of photography waxed and waned as was my want and as my other hobbies dictated and for many years I was happy with a water proof, crash proof point-and-shoot that came with me to document all my mountain and water borne adventures. This little camera coupled with the second best camera I owned, my iPhone, was all I needed, especially when coupled with the rise of Instagram.

However something changed, my life changed and Jack Elliott was born on the 23rd September 2015. I was determined not to have all the memories of those early years only captured on an iPhone


So, you're a Fujiholic?

My name is Graham and I am a Fujiholic… now!

After a few months of research I decided what camera set up I was going to invest in, I wanted something that would not be too intrusive, interchangeable lenses, I wanted my style of photography for Jack to be more street that portrait, I wanted to capture him living not posing (although that is getting to be more difficult, he is 7 months old not and posses as soon as he hears the camera been switched on). So, who are the great street photographers and what cameras did they use? Right that was it I have my set up… a Leica M240 and a 50mm lens, fortunately my wife had other ideas, she wanted to eat and have heating through the first months of Jacks life, so it was back to the drawing board and more research.

I have a thing about street photography, when it is good it is amazing and captures a story perfectly, however I still believe that 90% of street you see is mundane, but then I came across a X-Photographers website and the pictures just made me keep coming back again and again, what camera is he using? Hmm Fuji, OK I wonder if they are any good? Two things sold me one was a review of the X-Pro 1 that said ‘it’s 99% of the Leica M240 at a 10% of the price’ and second was the enthusiasm of my local camera shop. Little did I know that the first bout of enthusiasm was nothing compared to what came after sales.

Very soon after my first Cambrian visit, I was back and stepped in to the world of Fuji and bought my X-Pro 1 with a couple of prime lenses. Before I had the camera out of the box I was invited to Social media groups and the journey started.

What has me hooked and now proclaiming myself a Fujiholic is the shear versatility of my X-Pro 1, bought for street style but now used on the hills, mountaineering, landscape and even the odd sudo-portrait. Couple the versatility with the exciting and inspiration people I have met through the Fuji community and I am hooked.

Graham Ormondroyd 04

Which is your favourite lens? Why?

I only shoot prime lenses, I need to slow down and think about my photography and this is one way of doing so, for most of what I do this is fine, but I think that one day I will go to the dark side and get a zoom lens, just for weight and added flexibility on the hills

So my favorite lens, if you would have asked me six months ago it would have been my Fujinon 18mm f2, such a versatile lens and my go too lens when I want to take just one with me, however more and more my new 35mm f1.4 is attached to the front of my camera, I love the shallow depth of field that can be achieved and how that can make subject pop out of the background.

Graham Ormondroyd 05

If I had to pick a desert island lens I would have to go back to the original and the 18mm.

Graham Ormondroyd 06

When you next go travelling, what gear will you take?

This is a hard question, I travel a lot for work, I travel in the hills and I travel with my family, as to the kit that I take, I always take something, whether it will be the X-Pro 1 and 18mm lens slipped in to my laptop bag when I am away with work, right through to all my kit, tripod and filters when I am away with the family or in the mountains for an extended period.

Graham Ormondroyd 07

What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

Post processing for me has to be simple, and Adobe Lightroom CC and the Nik Collection are perfect, I can turn an average photograph in to something of quality without having to spend 40 hours doing so. My life would not allow me to do that, far too much going on! I do experiment with how much I can change the mood of a photograph in post and the results can be quite startling.

What's next?

So what is next for me in terms of my photography, really to continue to learn the craft, I am a newbie and need to develop my skills, which I am looking forward to, more practice, more courses and more kit to allow me to do this.

As for new kit, the Fujinon 90mm prime is on my list along with (shhh) a zoom lens (probably the 18-55mm f2.8-4). But I have to say the new Fuji X70 has captured my thoughts, to have Fuji X-series quality in my cycling jersey pocket would open up a whole new realm of photography.

Of course there will be more peripheries, more filters, new tripods you never really stop buying kit.

A Fujiholics Story - Davie Hudson

I’m told by my mum that I've always had a camera in my hands, the visual image is so appealing to me that I couldn’t not take photos. I was quite late to digital photography and my first Digi was a Fuji S9600, and I loved that thing! It was around the same point I moved from product photography into landscape, I found a home both with landscapes and Digital. From there I moved to another Fuji , the S100FS and the film simulations were a GODSEND!! Read more

A Fujiholics Story - Alex Bather

So you're a Fujiholic?

I am a UK based fashion, lifestyle and portrait photographer, but I never like to limit myself. I travel around Europe and always have my Fuji by my side, so yes I am a Fujiholic.

Which is your favourite lens and why?

My favourite lens is the 35mm 1.4. it does everything for me and I like to shoot everything through the same perspective (35mm). I do use other lenses occasionally for client based work such as the 50-140mm for fashion shows etc.

When you next go travelling, what gear will you take?

I have a trip planned shooting for Thomas Farthing London, where I will probably only use my 35mm and X-t10 with a couple of old fashioned lenses due to the nature of the brand. I am also travelling across the glaciers from Switzerland to France so will be taking the 50-140 and 35mm for this, to guarantee I get all the results intended.

When out shooting, what are your settings and why?

I tend to keep the aperture ring as low as possible, because I really like the depth created at 1.4 on the fuji lens and tend to shoot at different exposures to deal with different lighting situations, I tend to keep the ISO pretty high to give a strong grain effect. All my shots are different; I don’t tend to keep my settings the same for each shot. I don’t like using lighting equipment, I think it spoils the whole realism of a shot, it can make it look staged and unnatural, capturing moments & atmosphere on shoots is more important to me.

Alex Bather 02What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

I don’t tend to edit my images that much however when I do, I will use Lightroom. I have created some personal pre-sets which keeps my style very similar with the odd occasional adjustments. But what I love about Fuji is that you can become more creative and edit the shot before you have even pressed the shutter release, which I could never do before when I used other brands.

What is your favourite film simulation? why?

My favourite film simulation mode has to be B&W (G) it looks the closest thing to using a strong black and white film, I cringed when they told me to try it because I always believed it was the wrong thing to do until Fuji came into my life. My last show was an exhibition called ‘The Night Diary’ this was 7 months of work, all shot on this mode.

What's next?

Since I am now addicted to Fuji cameras my aim is to update the X-T10 to a Xpro-2. I used to really enjoy the Xpro-1 however the focus speed was not fast enough for me and my work as I shoot a lot of my work in darker situations. I want to keep on shooting, meeting more and more interesting people, keep travelling and doing what I love best and that’s photography.

I have to say the customer support and everyone involved with Fuji have been so helpful and warming. After purchasing my first Fuji, it was like joining a family of other likeminded people.

Everyone pushes each other and wants the best for each other, which is not what I have been used to in this industry.