I know everyone likes to see what any photographer usually carries around with them when shooting their particular subject, so here’s my main Fujifilm kit. This goes with me to every gig and festival I cover with maybe a few extras depending on what festival or gig I’m covering.

For example if I was having to do the review as well (which sometimes I do have to do) I will take along a note book and pen and if it’s a festival where they have a picture board, usually in or near the press tent, I will also take my X-T1 all set up with a flash gun attached to get some PR shots.

Other than the above this is all I need to get the images from any venue or festival I go to.

Warren’s Bag Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 V20

This all fits very nicely into my Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 V20 which is an ideal bag for me, well it is at the moment until I try any other bags. Did I tell you I’m a sucker for camera bags so willing to try any others that may suit.

So on with the kit in the image here

What’s in Warren’s Bag
  1. Fujifilm X-T20 with the 16-55 f2.8
  2. Fujifilm X-T3 with battery grip and 50-140 f2.8
  3. Fujifilm 18mm f2
  4. Fujifilm 1.4 Tele Convertor (mainly used at arena venues when we soot from the sound board)
  5. Fujifilm mains charger for X-T3
  6. Lanyard (Fujifilm of course) for press pass
  7. Isolate Aluminium ear plugs from Flare Audio ( I’m always loosing these so tend to always have two pairs)
  8. Small torch
  9. Spare memory cards (usually carry three 64mb cards as spares)
  10. Fully charges spare batteries
  11. Godox TT350F flash gun for Fujifilm (would like to try the bigger V860II at some stage
  12. Visible Dust Lens Cloth
  13. Lens cleaning pen

So that’s my Fujifilm kit and the bag, I carry it all in for shooting live music. I’m always looking at trying new gear for music photography especially bags and dedicated flash guns so willing to review these items especially.
Africa Oye Festival up next for me, so will try and do a small review for Fujiholics.

Until next time, I will leave you with a couple of images from my last festival Neighbourhood Weekender at Victoria Park, Warrington U.K. of George Ezra and Richard Ashcroft which will be part of my project “Live Performance Black and White Portraits”, which I will be talking about at Hipfest in October this year, hope to see you there.

Richard Ashcroft


George Ezra

Happy snapping


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