The Fujiholics Gig Workshop with Warren Millar was the second of its kind, the first being back in June of 2016. With the success of his first workshop and feedback from attendees, it was decided to run another for both new photographers getting into music photography and also photographers who attended the first workshop and wanted some extra tuition.

The workshop was hosted at The Studio in Widnes, Cheshire where Warren is house photographer. Jim Moody and Rich Waine, both gig photographer and Fujiholics team members were also in attendance to help out and give their professional input when needed. Covering everything from camera setup, pit etiquette, shooting styles etc. Also a hands-on shooting session with a live band.

The morning session was classroom based. Warren went through his shooting style and equipment used when capturing images at events. Different types of gig events such as dark, small venues to open and large festivals. As well as this Warren went through images he had captured throughout the years covering Music festivals and Gigs. Talking in detail about each image, questions were asked by all attendees with great technical answers given.

The afternoon was all practical, the workshop was lucky enough to have the very talented three piece band Zen Project come along. With a full lighting and sound set up, everyone was pushed to their technical abilities to try and capture some great images. After Zen Project had finished their set Warren and the attendees went back into the classroom and discussed what they had shot. Tips, hints and more professional techniques were given. Warren had organised a giveaway to one lucky photographer with a quick question on what had been learnt in the morning class.

Thank you to Warren for a great gig workshop, The Studio for the great venue (also biscuits and tea), the amazing Zen Project also lastly the great attendees, I hope you are able to take everything you learn into your next gig and capture some great images!


“The day was Brilliant, tuition, Ideas, stage, lighting, music and refreshments”

“Thoroughly enjoyable and within everyone’s ability”

“Great bunch of guys, very friendly, lots of hints and tips. Highly Recommended”