I have photographed over 400 weddings, sometimes I feel amazing and sometimes I feel like a beginner! As photographers we give so much to our clients, we bring out so much from them. We make the miserable people smile, we make the insecure feel great about how they look! We manage stress, emotions, family politics, all within short time frames, difficult lighting conditions within unfamiliar venue/locations! We burn ourselves out achieving the best for our clients !

How do we top up our creativity and passion?

Workshops are amazing places to share ideas, think differently and look at ways to work differently !

I promised myself many years ago that I will always top up my creativity with learning from others! I always come away from a workshop! Revitalised, energised, ready to see me through for the next season of weddings! I don’t think I could keep so passionate without these amazing, low cost workshops !

Photography workshops always bring back the love I first had for photography! I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that excites me, I’m like a child again, happy in my zone!

So even after 400 weddings I get so much out of a street workshop a landscape workshop or even a business related workshop!

I owe it to my business and my customers, but above all I owe it to myself !


If you have never done a workshop because you believe it’s beneath you or you won’t get anything from it, I really believe you are missing out !

No course will make you a photographer, I see them as building blocks, if I can learn one thing on a workshop, I’m so happy, because I add that to my workflow and that Leads to a happier me !

The added bonus, is you shoot for you, you get to drink plenty of coffee, some hot fruit toast, and you fill your lungs with some lovely fresh air along with sometime out with your everyday life !


Lee Glasgow


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