Sean gives a frank telling of his own journey with photography, taking an especially deep dive into the point where his focus switched from learning techniques and obsessing over gear, to being driven to find better stories to tell. If you’ve spent hours watching YouTube tutorials, and thousands of pounds on new gear, but you’re still feeling stuck and frustrated, this might be the shift in focus you need to take your photography on to the next stage of the journey.

About Sean:

Sean is a Photographer and Filmmaker who runs a successful freelance business and a growing online presence where he seeks to inspire like-minded creatives coming up the ladder behind. His YouTube channel in particular has grown to over 100k subscribers with over 2.5 million views, and he has an Instagram following of over 50k followers. Sean creates a vibrant and positive community online which talks about how to pursue your dream of making the thing you love to do, the thing you get paid for.

Sean has a strong emphasis in all his video and speaking on being authentic and self-aware in your work, because, in a world of reality TV and vlogging, people are now hyper-aware of artifice, and can smell a sale pitch a mile away. To build an audience now takes honesty, integrity and vulnerability, and these are by words which Sean not only practices in his own work but preaches to other others as well.

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