“I didn’t want to be a photographer”

A talk about Sarah’s journey to becoming a story teller from a photographer. She will talk about how she uses photography to connect with other people to tell their stories, and how I am able to get a connection from real people through psychology and body language.

About Sarah:

Sarah has been a photographer for 15 years and started her wedding photography business 10 years ago. 5 years ago, Red Shoe was born, a female photography studio based in Chester. Women come from across the UK to become a Red Shoe Girl. This experience has helped change lives, as when a woman truly sees herself and embraces her own journey she knows she has the power to do anything.

Her journey is now heading towards becoming a speaker for men’s mental health after losing her beautiful fiancé to this illness last September.  When she is asked how long she has been working in mental health… she would say the past 5 years. Sarah believes that photography is 90% psychology and 10% mechanical.

Sarah believes the portrait to be an incredible powerful tool in helping people.


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