In this talk Elke will describe how she managed to change her life for the better and now spend her time with what she loves: dogs and photography. The professional dog photographer will explain how she managed to turn her camera-shy dog into a supermodel and how she makes sure all dogs enjoy being in front of her camera.

Learn the basics of dog photography, like shooting portraits and dogs in action, and get to know ways to take your dog photography to the next level and integrate creative ideas.




Born in 1972, Elke currently lives in Hildesheim Germany, working world-wide and specializing in dog portraiture.  She is a proud owner of three Spanish rescue mutts.

Her photography has been published in books, newspapers, and magazines globally including the likes of National Geographic, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times Magazine. In addition to this, her work has been displayed in galleries from Lisbon to Paris.

She is the author of the book: “Nice Nosing You – for the love of life, dogs and photography”


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