New firmware updates for Fujifilm X-Pro2, X-T20, X100F, X-T1

Fujifilm has released the new firmware updates for the following for the  X-Pro2, X-T20, X100F, X-T1.

Below is an overview of each firmware and download links.


(1) X-Pro2

1) Addition of 4K video mode (excluding HDMI out)

2) Support for tether shooting via USB or Wi-Fi

3) New AF tracking algorithm for moving subject

4) Support “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”(Macintosh)

5) Improve radio flash controller usability

6) Support for backup/restore of camera settings via FUJIFILM X Acquire

7) Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”

8) RGB histogram display and highlight warning

9) Re-start of AF function during a movie shooting

Firmware Download TBC

(2) X-T20

1) Revision of a wrong display when HIGH PERFORMANCE

Firmware Download

(3) X100F

1) Support for backup/restore of camera settings via FUJIFILM X Acquire

2) Supports “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”(Macintosh)

3) Improve radio flash controller usability

4) Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”

5) OFF is added to the function allocation of the CONTROL RING SETTING

6) Focus point can be chosen when zooming in for precise focus.

Firmware Download

(4) X-T1

1) Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”

Firmware Download



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