One of my many pet social media hates is people attention seeking with lots of meaningless words about the image they post, a bit like the X Factor hard luck stories before the singer sings. Attention seeking through words and not the image.

The Landscape Photographer Of The Year book is a great printed version of the struggles. No one just rocked up in their car, got the tripod out and shot the landscape, there is always an epic battle with the elements before the shot can be created. I now buy the books just to read the struggles!

But on social media, people are using the white space above the image for far too much personal drama, or justification for what turns out, most of the time, to be a very average or poor image. If they spent as much time thinking about the shot before they made the exposure, as they do after the exposure trying to justify it to their community, they might just push themselves in to creating a WOW image.

We all see millions of images every year on social media. Hardly anyone reads all the words above an image. They normally scroll the feeds looking for great images then they might read the words! Sometimes just the location will do or one word or a little sentence. But war and peace written above an image is just so pointless and can in the end destroy the image.

Most people just want to know where it was shot, some want to know what with or who is in it if it’s a portrait etc. Some people starting out want to know the camera settings but as they grow, they realise this is not much help.

But justifying your processing or sepia tone or colour pop will not make it right!

Of course, as far as the photograph is concerned you should think for yourself and find a unique style or processing method, but crazy colours, funky boarders and strange tints will attract people to your work, but for all the wrong reasons.

A great image will always be seen and shared by the world, the same as a great singer on the X factor stage will make people go Wow, much more so than a really sad back story or standing in a clown suit!

Spend more time out with your camera, or on projects, or studying your craft, than writing reams of nonsense on social media as it might sound great to you but to everyone else it is wasted.