Celebrating the power of photography – The Lesotho Photo Project
Fujifilm, Getty Images and Sentebale have released a video celebrating the Lesotho Photo Project – a remarkable initiative co-ordinated by Chris Jackson, Getty Images Royal Photographer and supported by Fujifilm.

Co-founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in 2006, Sentebale is a charity which aims to rewrite the future for the impoverished population of Lesotho, by providing the thousands of children and young people affected by HIV/AIDS with vital access to education, care and critical psychosocial support enabling them to live healthy and happy lives.

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Working alongside Sentebale, the Lesotho Photo Project developed from an idea to bring photography to the vulnerable children of Lesotho, through the medium of workshops, lessons and classes, using Fujifilm instax cameras and instant film.


The children took part in photography lessons, with their images printing and developing instantly thanks to the technology of the Fujifilm instax cameras. A large photography wall was created in the shape of the official Sentebale flower using the children‘s instax prints and they were encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings through their images.

Supporting both the Corporate Philosophy of Fujifilm to enhance the quality of life of people worldwide and the overall goals of the Sentebale charity, the project provided the children with a unique and special opportunity to express themselves through photography.  The instant nature of the cameras empowered the children with a sense of creativity, and additionally, gave them the chance to see their photos instantly.

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The Lesotho Photo Project was launched during the first camp held at the Sentebale Mamahoto Children’s Centre (the flagship facility that supports all of Sentebale’s work with vulnerable children) in October 2015. The Centre has continued to run the project at camps throughout the winter, including a session at the official opening in November 2015.  The children take part in photography lessons and use their instax prints to produce the Mamohato Times; a newspaper documenting their experiences at camp. This fantastic project provides a chance for the children to develop their creativity, communication and interpersonal skills, but most importantly have fun and express themselves in a unique and empowering way.

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All images courtesy of Chris Jackson/Getty Images.

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