Introduction to Flash & Strobes (With Model)

Introduction to Flash & Strobes

Only 8 places available on this workshop.

Workshop cost is £129.99 (click for tickets)

Dave Kai-Piper is an internationally published portrait photographer & Fujifilm X-Photographer since 2012

As photographers, we all have a journey learning about light. This Fujiholics workshop is all about looking at creating light using speedlights, studio strobes and other light sources.

We will cover the basics of setting up lights, understanding modifiers all the way to setting up and shooting with HSS and blending ambient light with flash.

After the demonstrations showing the classic portrait lighting styles, this workshop will leave you with a rounded knowledge of what you can do with light.

An extended Q&A session will also give you time to ask any questions you have about using light or questions about gear or settings.

Link to more images:


This event will be with a female model.

Tea and Coffee will be provided.

There is no disabled access to this training room.

There is a small fridge for your cold drinks and sandwiches.

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Terms and conditions.

We are unable to give a full refund in the event of non-attendance without notice, regardless of the circumstances. We will try to find you another place on a similar course or you can nominate a friend to take your place.

In the event of sufficient notice being given (two months), we will refund 75% of your payment, the remainder will cover the administration costs of refilling the place.

We also reserve the right to cancel any of the workshops if there is insufficient demand. We will confirm the workshop is running two months before the actual date so please don’t leave it too late for booking your place.

Tickets are not transferable without first contacting us.

Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred, or resold for commercial gain.

No food, beverages, accommodation or transport is provided unless stated.

Please note Travel and Equipment Insurance is not included, please provide your own if required, as Fujiholics cannot accept any liability for loss damage or injury to you, your vehicle or equipment.

We do not tolerate racial, sexual, religious or abusive behaviour whether it be verbal or physical from any clients, either towards our staff or other attendees, should you take part in any behaviour which is deemed unsuitable you will be removed from the workshop without a refund. In extreme cases, legal action will be taken.

Please make us aware of any medical issue that may affect your ability to take part.

Fujiholics does not guarantee the weather, temperature or photographic perfection on any workshops – they are all subject to occasional adverse weather. We aim to teach techniques and skills that can be take away and practised.

Each participant takes part in the workshop at their own risk, we will give a safety briefing at the start of each session but it is up to the participant to decide whether they are confident enough or physically able to take part in each session. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.



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