This is the question I get asked the most and is really one of the easiest to answer.

Start off small, look for local open mic nights at pubs and go along and take photos (ask the pub and or organiser first, if you can take photos). If you know any local musicians who play in a band in your local music scene, ask them if you can take photos at their next gig.

Get the names of all the bands and artists that play and post them on your social media page with tags to the bands/artists (they usually have a Facebook profile) make sure you are very picky about the images you post. Only post sharp well exposed images and bin any images that don’t meet with what should be your high standards.

The lighting at such events can be very poor, but resist the urge to get your flash out. Using flash at gigs is a big no no in my books (although I have had to use it once sparingly, just to get some images for the publication I was shooting for).

Not only will you be shooting at very high ISO settings but you will be learning all the time how to make the most of your gear and make it work very hard for you pushing it to its limits. Small local open mics and gigs are great for learning how to get the best from poor venues, with very little in the way of good lighting. Every one you shoot will be a great learning curve, helping you to improve your technique.

With a bit of luck (and it is luck) the bands you photograph at these small open mic nights will, somewhere along the line, be supporting bigger more well-known bands and they will already know of your work and ask you to come along to photograph them.

This is where it’s good to also get to know the bands and artists at all the smaller gigs you may get to photograph, they are your best friends at this stage and will lead you to other bigger venues and bands.

The images here were all taken at small venues were anyone who turned up with a camera could have taken shots of the gig.

So what you waiting for? Go look for some open mic nights in your area and don’t forget to post some of your images on the Fujiholics pages using the hashtag #Fujiholics (only your very best images though).

Look out for my next blog in this series coming next month

Happy Snapping

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