I’m Han Dekker, a Dutch street photographer based in Nijmegen. Nijmegen is a nice town, it’s the oldest town of the Netherlands.

I go out every day with my camera. After hauling around a huge Canon full-frame with L glass and battery grip for five years I saw a Fuji x100s.

I bought it – and for the first few days I would take that one instead of the Canon.

I liked the lack of weight and after six months I noticed a slightly dusted Canon.

So I sold the Canon gear and bought another Fuji, a X pro1 this time. It came with a zoom lens which I sold shortly after to buy an 18mm.

Dan Dekker 02

I have experimented with other lenses as well but the combi X Pro1 with 18mm suits me the best and that’s the one I take every day.

After a few years I found the lugs which hold the strap worn out so I had to take it to Fuji for repair.

I traded my X100s for a new X Pro1 body and since the first body came back from repair I now have two bodies – one with the beloved 18mm and one with a 27mm pancake.

During my years with my X Pro1 I have been an example for others, thanks to my love for the X Pro1 there are five other photographers working with an X Pro1 in my city.

I walk for an hour or two trough the city, the things I see I place the same day on my blog. It’s a diary.

Some days are good, other days are better.

Dan Dekker 03 Fujiholics

1. So, you’re a Fujiholic? Yes, since 3 years now

2. Which is your favourite lens? Why? I mostly use the 18mm on my Xpro1

3. When you next go travelling, what gear will you take? X pro1 with 18mm and extra battery

4. When out shooting, what are your settings? Why? I’m a streetphotographer, I use my lens at f=2.8 and shuttertime wich is needed.

5. What kind of tools do you use for post processing? I shoot in Jpeg, the camera is good to do that, and proces my pics in Google Nik.

6. What is your favourite Film Simulation? Why? I always have my cam in B&W with red filter

7. What’s next? More shooting.

Dan Dekker 04 Fujiholics


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