Rob Sanderson

Rob Sanderson is a full-time wedding and commercial photographer.

Rob’s interest in photography started with his obsession with his father’s Halina TLR camera even though he wasn’t allowed to use it. On leaving school Rob went into further education to study design and photography. He’s has been in the design, marketing and photography industry ever since.

The influence of his design background is clearly visible in Rob’s photography and his clean compositions.

Rob’s first digital camera was back in 2000, a Fuji s1pro with its groundbreaking super CCD technology built onto a Nikon F60 body. He continued with Fuji digital bodies until they left the DSLR market when he naturally switched to Nikon to continue using his lens lineup.

Skip forward to early 2015 and he was back in the Fuji camp with the excellent xt1. After trying them out on a personal project he bought two xt1’s and an x100t and shot that season on a pair of xt1’s with his trio of prime lenses (23/35/56). He upgraded to a pair of xpro2’s when they became available and added the 16 and 90mm primes. He says, “The xpro2’s are a game changer, they are such confidence inspiring cameras that never miss a beat and the files they produce are simply amazing – I’m hooked!”

Wedding photography

Rob’s latest rticles:

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