Rich Waine

2016-02-28-14-32-00Not much is known about Richie’s origins. Found with with one foot in England and one foot in Wales, we are not quite sure if he qualifies for free prescriptions or not.

Richie had a sheltered life growing up, the other kids wanted to play games while Rich played with Lego technic, often dismantling anything with a motor in order for his Lego cars go even faster than before.

Richie has a inability to recite times tables as the maths book he was given was always ripped and the only meters he knows are the ones you break into.

Richie never really excelled while at high school. Never found in a yearly school photos but often found in the IT suite finding new ways to unlock Windows 95 games on the schools restricted computers before leaving school with a A, B, C grades and a high minesweeper score.

Progressing on to higher education it was around about this time Richie discovered photography although it would be over a decade before he was able to afford his own gear. It has been credited that he was the original pioneer of the ‘Selfie’ shot although there is no photographic proof of this.

One of Richie’s ambitions in life is to go viral, although he has only had several actual viral infections during his life.

If was a off chance meeting with Matt Hart that Richie came to his senses and ditched his full frame cameras and move to Fujifilm, buying into it with a Fujifilm X-T1. He was invited into the Fujiholics social media group and has never looked back since. Richie has worked his way through the Fujiholics ranks progressing from noodle eater, to cake eater and finally master of fruit toast often sitting at the Fujiholics head table.

Richie has recently been put in charge of website, mainly due to his ability to press F12 and watch progress bars with enthusiasm. It could be said that what Richie doesn’t know about pressing F12 isn’t worth knowing.


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