Fujifilm announce GFX 50S, X100F, X-T20, XF50mm f2 R WR & FPS

Today, Fujifilm announced a series of camera’s and their specifications and release dates,

Fujifilm GFX 50SMedium format camera

The GFX 50S has been a camera that professional commercial and studio photographers have been wanting for a while. It comes with a 51.4 MP sensor and will use a new range of GF lenses which will support future sensors of 100 MP. Form more information please click here



Fujifilm X100F

The X100F will feature 24 MP Fujifilms X-Trans II CMOS sensor and will have a redesigned Shutter dial which will incorporate a ISO dial. New functions include using the command dial to set aperture etc. More information regards the full specs and features can be found here

Fujifilm X-T20

The X-T20 will replace the X-T10. It will carry on sharing the same form factor as the X-T10 but will now feature Fujifilm 24 MP X-Trans III CMOS sensor which will improve speed and still retain the colours we love from Fujifilm. Also, unlike the X-T10, the X-T20 will include a touch screen and will also allow functions like aperture to be controlled by the command dal. More information on the X-T20 can be found here

Fujinon XF50mm f2 R WR

In addition to the announced Fujifilm X-T20, Fujifilm have announced plans to release a XF50mm f2 R WR lens in the same design as the recent XF35mm f2 R WR. The lens will be weather sealed and dust resistant. For more information click here

Fujifilm Professional Service (Fujifilm FPS)

Fujifilm have announced plans to role out a new repair and servicing service known as Fujifilm Professional Repair. For a annual price, users of the service can have access to either a 15 day or 10 day turnaround on service or repair depending on the item, some working professional photographers and owners of the GFX 50S may be entitled to 2 years free if they qualify. More information on this service can be found here


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