There are only 8 places available on this workshop.
The cost is £120 per person but early bird tickets are £99
This workshop will encourage debate about Street Photography and help the participants to be more critical about their work.
The workshop is suitable for professional and amateur photographers of all levels. We ask you to familiarise yourself with using your camera and learn how to change settings quickly before attending the day, this will enable you to enjoy the experience fully.
The day will start at 10.30am and conclude at 16.30pm with a break for lunch and plenty of comfort breaks throughout the day, most of the day will be out on the streets. There is a lot of walking during the day and the event may take place in inclement weather so come prepared.
You will spend the day with Fujifilm X Photographer Matt Hartand the Edinburgh Street Photographer Ami Strachan exploring the streets picking up tricks and tips on Matt’s and Ami’s styles of Street Photography.
Matt’s Street photography workshops and courses are fun, informative and relaxed. They are both challenging and highly enjoyable and designed to stretch your imagination.
Ami’s Street photography workshops are also relaxed and very entertaining.
Together Ami and Matt have contrasting styles of Street Photography but they work very well together, so you get the best of both worlds.
Matt uses the Fuji X100F and XPro2 with a 23mm or 16mm Prime lens.
Ami uses the X100T
You can bring any DSLR or mirrorless camera on this course; fixed lens compacts are also welcome. If you are wondering what lenses to bring 50mm is ideal for full frame and 35mm film uses. APSC size sensors 35mm is ideal or lenses around the normal focal length.
The day normally starts at 10.30am with a coffee introductions and a discussion about the day. Matt will be giving a two hour talk on Street Photography in the morning and will touch on the ethics and law and how to deal with challenges in this area.
Next he will discuss camera set up for the day and the best set up for street photography with a practical demonstration of street camera technique.
Matt will cover what Street Photography is, and show you some of his favourite Street Photographers images. He will also show you the best way to approach his style of Street photography.
We normally spend around two hours covering these subjects then around 12.30am we head straight out on to the streets where you can watch the way Ami and Matt work and try out some of the tips and tricks that they share with you.
We break for lunch around 1.30pm where we can find a quiet place for a snack to discuss the mornings work and share our experiences.
We then go back out on the streets to practice your new street techniques and try and find your street rhythm and look for some interesting characters or great light!
We stay out shooting until about 4pm, we then find a quiet place to sit as a group to discuss the day and this will include lessons learnt. Matt will share his processing techniques and preferred software. Matt and Ami will give you their views on Critique and show you how to review your own work.
You will be able to post your work and talk to Matt and Ami after the event through his Social Media pages or by e mail, this includes a social media link to upload and share your best work.
Full details of the day will be sent by e mail one week prior to the event.

Terms and conditions.
We are unable to give a full refund in the event of non-attendance without notice, regardless of the circumstances. We will try to find you another place on a similar course or you can nominate a friend to take your place.
In the event of sufficient notice being given (two months) we will refund 75% of your payment, the remainder will cover the administration costs of refilling the place.
We also reserve the right to cancel any of the workshops if there is insufficient demand. We will confirm the workshop is running two months before the actual date so please don’t leave it too late in booking your place.
Tickets are not transferable without first contacting us.
Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred, or resold for commercial gain.
No food, beverages, accommodation or transport is provided unless stated.
Please note Travel and Equipment Insurance is not included, please provide your own if required, as Fujiholics cannot accept any liability for loss damage or injury to you, your vehicle or equipment.
We do not tolerate racial, sexual, religious or abusive behaviour whether it be verbal or physical from any clients, either towards our staff or other attendees, should you take part in any behaviour which is deemed unsuitable you will be removed from the workshop without a refund. In extreme cases, legal action will be taken.
Please make us aware of any medical issue that may affect your ability to take part.
Fujiholics does not guarantee the weather, temperature or photographic perfection on any workshops – they are all subject to occasional adverse weather. We aim to teach techniques and skills that can be take away and practiced.
Each participant takes part in the workshop at their own risk, we will give a safety briefing at the start of each session but it is up to the participant to decide whether they are confident enough or physically able to take part in each session. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.