How do I get get photo or press accreditation, the one question I’m always asked, and to be honest again it’s not that easy to answer but I’ll try my best.

I’m quite lucky because I shoot a lot of my gigs and festivals for a few web based music magazines and blogs such as “Getintothis” and “Shoutaboutit” and as such these are usually sorted out for me, so this is the best way to get a photo pass for gigs and festivals.

In most areas you will find a music review web site, so practice your gig photography at local open mic nights, get to know the artists and promoters and get a good looking portfolio of gig images together.

Then and only then contact the editor of your local gig review site and see if they require any photographers to cover any gigs they are reviewing. They will probably ask to see some of your work and this is were getting out to as many local small live music events will come in handy because you will already have a good portfolio to show the editors.


If your good at writing and can write reviews as well as photographing a gig, well that’s an added bonus as writers and reviewers are always being looked for. Don’t expect to get paid as most don’t pay, you just get access that joe public don’t get, but look at it as a step up the ladder.

By writing or emailing the right people, you can sometimes get a press pass off your own back so to speak (don’t expect a reply as unfortunately and more increasingly PR people don’t even send you a “No” reply). More and more bands and PR people are looking at what sort of exposure they will get from allowing you a photo pass so best to have a publication behind you.

The best people to contact would be the marketing and or PR people connected to the band and or gig/venue/festival you want the pass for.

Be truthful with these people about what and where you intend to use the images you take. But as I said before it’s a lot better and you will stand a better chance if you have some sort of publication behind you.


(It also means that the work of obtaining a pass is out of your hands, but don’t be picky about what gigs you want to do as the publication will soon get fed up of this) If you are lucky enough to be given a gig to cover by a music review page or magazine, try not to let them down on your first gig you cover for them and be ready for a lot of hanging around, shooting from the crowd, dealing with security and shooting in very poor light. This may sound daunting to you at first but it’s all experience that will stand you in good stead for the future.

Happy Snapping


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