I captured this image on the Fujiholics Photowalk in Cardiff. I am not a good street photographer, but during the photowalks I have learnt to always keep looking around, so when I spotted this person near the Boss shop, I framed up and waited for them to walk directly under the shop logo. The image was captured with the delightfully compact Fujifilm X-T30 & XF18-55mm lens and in camera processed jpeg using Velvia film simulation. This is now my ‘go to’ take anywhere travel kit. I also carry a set of screw on ND filters and Manfrotto Pixi tripod, which all fit in a small bag and means I can travel light and cover most scenarios of shooting for what I want to do.

I never attend the walks to get good images, but more for the social aspect and getting to see different places around the UK. Just by chatting with other fellow enthusiast, I have learned so much, and made new friends too. If you plan these well in advance you can get cheap train travel and accommodation also, and life is all about the journey, as they say.

I haven’t specialized in any particular area of Photography, and am not at a point where I want to yet, but I do know where my weaknesses are and do want to carry on learning and improving. I have started a couple of projects this year, but I need to be a bit more organised with these, but I think again, that this is all part of the journey all photographers are on.

For me it’s vitally important to keep getting out and taking images, reviewing what has worked well, and more importantly what hasn’t worked well, and to keep on repeating this cycle. I feel that this approach is working for me and I don’t have any photographic aspirations other than to keep learning, improving and enjoying the experience along the way.

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