Scott explains how he captured the Fujiholics Website Gallery Admin Choice image for February 2019

This image was captured on a second holiday to Suffolk visiting family. I had researched the area and intended visiting Shingle Street on my previous trip but didn’t get around to it due to family commitments. This time I had set aside half a day purely for photography and the weather was pretty flat, which suited the image I had in mind.

My wife and I arrived at around 1 o’clock, parked up, wrapped up and went for a wander with the cameras, me with my xPro2 and the fantastic 16mm f1.4 and Karen with her X-30. Progress was slow on the deep shingle but we made it down to the edge of the lagoon and, after watching the kite surfers enjoying the wind and sheltered water for a few minutes, I started looking for compositions.

The shingle shifts constantly with large storms changing the landscape completely, moving lagoons and the shape of the coast.

This results in clean graphic shapes, which I wanted to capture. To accentuate these I used my 10 stop ND filter to slow my shutter speed and smooth out the water in contrast to the textured shingle.

Landscape and street are my escape from the type of photography I shoot at work as a Scene Examiner. I studied photography in Glasgow after leaving school, 3 decades ago now, and then worked in a studio for a few years. That’s when started my current career. I don’t get out to shoot for myself as often as I would like so try to make the most of it when I can.

My personal images are on my Instagram feed @soco_bloke (you’d only see my other photography if you were a jury member!).