Julian took this photo in the walls of an old dam in Lanzarote, near the town of Mala.

He used a Fujifilm XH-1 with a 16mm lens and shot handheld at f1.2 for 1/15 second.

You can find its exact location here https://goo.gl/maps/c4r6nPN39pA2

Julian told the Fujiholics website that the equipment he used was “a large plastic sheet normally used for protecting furniture from dust and paint while decorating and a small battery powered led light. The plastic sheet was simply placed over the model with the led light set behind her.”

Colour grading and cropping was all done in Photoshop. Lightroom was not used this time as there was no need for retouching etc.

Another shot from the same shoot can be viewed on Julian’s Instagram feed www.instagram.com/jue_pix and some of his other work can be found on

Julian also thinks it is important to credit his model Audrey Bovet www.instagram.com/audreybovet