For me Street Photography is about creating something extraordinary from the ordinary and this particular image was all about timing and a little bit of luck.

What first attracted me to the scene were the dabs of light coming down the street on to the orange awnings and the road. This image needed a certain type of subject to come through the frame for it to work as I looked up the street and I could see a lady on the opposite side wearing what looked a trilby hat. I was only going to get one chance at this so I adjusted my angle as not to get the parked cars in the frame and it was at that moment I decided to turn my X100T round into a vertical position so I could fill the frame and give it more depth. As she crossed the road I quickly moved to the right and fired off 3 frames, the last one being this one.

I always shoot in JPEG when out on the street and for this I used Classic Chrome.

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