I captured this image on the Sunday morning of HipFest2018. I had a great day on the Saturday, attending some presentations and workshops, but it had rained most of the day, only clearing in the evening. I checked the forecast for Sunday, and it was looking to be a nice day, so a quick bit of planning to find sunrise time and direction, and I decided to get up and out early for the ‘Blue Hour’ and go to the waterfront to get an image across the Humber at Sunrise. On waking up and peering out of my hotel room, conditions looked good, so I headed out.

It was blissfully quiet and still, and as I walked along the Marina I knew there was a good image to be had here. I found a composition I was happy with, set my tripod up and attached my Fujifilm X-H1 with the XF16mm lens and took a test shot. I also took a series of bracketed shots with a view to blending as an HDR image, as there was quite a difference in the light at the time. After post processing I was happier with the single image I had got, which was a 50 second exposure at f11 and ISO200.

To me, there is so much more to this picture than just an image of a nice scene. It is part of my history as a photographer and has traveled and developed with me on this journey. It holds fond memories of a great weekend spent with great people and reminds me of how I have made new friends along the way. I used this image on a ‘Learning to See’ and a ‘Printing’ workshop more recently, and then re edited it for printing, having acquired a good photo printer. Holding a large high quality print, that I took, edited and then printed myself is so much more rewarding than just viewing it on digital screens. It has become a physical documented part of my history that now hangs on a wall in my home, and I love it.

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