Tanya discusses her passion for photography that inspired her to capture the Fujiholics Website Gallery Admin Choice image for April 2019

The XT1 totally changed the way I shot, moved, even approached people.

I am a Canadian who has lived in MX for 7 years.  I have loved photography for as long as I can remember and would categorize myself as an advanced/ enthusiastic amateur.  In the past I shot with several Nikons but  began to feel that they were too heavy and cumbersome for my style of photography.  I wanted a camera that was smaller and easy to use.  About 6 years ago I purchased the XT1 and it was love at first touch.  The XT1 totally changed the way I shot, moved, even approached people.  It was such a joy to have everything I needed on top of the camera, all the adjustments are there and so easy.  I have since purchased the XT3, which I am enjoying  and prefer to use prime lenses except for the awesome kit 18-55 kit lens.  Fuji cameras are also really COOL looking.  In the past I shot RAW but the jpegs are really good, so now that’s my choice.   I shoot manual with auto focus and try to get the best shots I can with my camera.  The XT1 and XT3 are fabulous cameras and I would encourage anyone who is thinking switching to check one out. I also use the X70 which is super compact and so discreet.

My approach to photography is quite simple. . .  I try to be in the moment and go with the attitude that anything is possible if I am aware and open.  I try and shoot 3-4 times a week, sometimes I walk for 30 minutes and other times for a few hours.  Living in Central Mexico has provided unlimited opportunities, culturally, visually and spiritually.  I have always shot in colour but recently have challenged myself to work in B&W.  I would say my style of photography is “street” and “street portraits”.  I love to photograph people,  I actually NEED to photograph people!  There is something inside of me that just wants to express this.  Sometimes I will ask permission to photograph a person and other times no.  I never get tired of seeing a new and interesting person.

I photograph for me,  it’s my passion and my pleasure.  I have never sold my work but I do print it large for viewing in my home.  Street photography is not for everyone but for me it’s a true joy!

My instagram is  fuji_girl