Craig explains how he captured the Fujiholics Website Gallery Admin Choice image for March 2019

On a rare sunny day in March, in Manchester I took my trusted Fuji X100F out at lunch time for my usual street photography wander.

The sun was so strong that the shadows were unavoidable.

I have seen endless photos of this particular archway in St Peters Square, so usually avoid it as a place of interest. However, on approaching it this day the sun was so strong that the shadows were unavoidable. I tried a few angles before deciding on the one I wanted (framing with the shadows) and waited. Its a busy entrance with people walking in and out all the time, then a lady appeared dressed in red and stopped (hurrah) so it was just a case of waiting for the exact moment when no one else was in the frame. I reckon I waited around 20 minutes before I got the shot, but it was well worth it and hopefully adds something to the huge collection of photos at this location.

My general style of photography is street, and anything that contains people or a story. My X100F is always in my bag (and usually my hand). Feel free to add me @stickboypics on instagram.