You’re still a Fujiholic, but what is it that keeps you being a Fujiholic?

In terms of my camera I love it’s tactile nature and the amount of external controls. I also love  it’s lightness, it’s image quality and it’s remote app which has helped enormously with my latest project. But I also love the group it has enabled me to be part of – it’s my photography family and I have made genuine friends through this group.

Do you have a preferred camera and lens setup and has this changed recently?

I currently use an X-T10 and have three lenses that I use with it – the 18-55, the 23 and an old Jupiter 9.  It’s a small selection so far so will hopefully build on this going forward.  The remote app for these cameras has been invaluable for my latest self-portrait project.

What drives you to get out with your camera and are there certain conditions that you prefer to shoot in?

I get out with my camera for my sanity. Even when I’ve not got a camera with me I’m seeing images all the time (and sometimes kicking myself for not having my camera!).  In terms of conditions it depends what I want to shoot.  I like really sunny days because I like the contrast and I love low winter sun. However even the cloudiest grey day or the wettest day can produce great results if you have an open mind – it depends what you are trying to achieve.

Over the past 12 months, what have been your photographic high and low points?

My lowest point was the beginning of the year when I was really struggling to know what direction I wanted to take my photography and feeling like everything I was producing was rubbish.

My high points have been many this year:

  • Becoming part of the team of Fujiholics
  • HIPFest – both being involved in the organisation of it and giving my first ever talk on my photography – nerve-wracking but exhilarating.
  • Meeting, in person, some outstanding photographers and having breakfast with Brian Griffin
  • Having an article on my photography project in Amateur Photographer magazine
  • Having 6 of my images exhibited in Because She Can’ at Festival Pil’ours, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France.
  • Being nominated for a British Photography Award for one of my project images
  • Meeting so many love and likeminded fellow photographers

What’s the best piece of advice that you have been given that has influenced your photography?

There are three that were really important to me.

  1. Practice, practice, practice and use your camera every day because it is the best way to learn your equipment and how to take the images you want.
  2. Look at other photographers work and learn about what makes a good image.
  3. And most importantly, to take photographs for myself, that I love because if you’re making photographs for other people you will never reach your full potential or keep the passion.

Of all the images you have taken in the last 12 months, what’s your favourite and why?

Oh, that’s a difficult one, there have been some that I love for their meaning and some that I love because I think I got ‘right’.  If I had to pick one right now it would be ‘Aglow’ because I felt like I achieved the image I had visualised, I think it captured my mood exactly and it has a happy feel. But if you ask me tomorrow you would possibly get a different answer.