Following a short half hour briefing, spend 2½ hours with Ami exploring the streets, with her to guide you and build your confidence, and of course having fun.

During the walk Ami will help guide you on

* What to look for on the street.

* How to approach your subject.

* How to find the right spot.

Street photography requires a unique blend of initiative, observation, confidence and skill. To be able to do this, basic knowledge is necessary, but practice is best.


About Ami:

Ami is an Indonesian living in Scotland. Her passion for Street photography started in 2010 and since then she goes out, practises and spend time outdoor for my own curiosity. She believes everyone has ability to take street photography but there are some key skills that people don’t always have which are being passionate in photography, willing to learn and believing in yourself.

She is a self-taught photographer, learning a lot through mistakes and experiments on the street. Bad weather doesn’t stop her going out taking photos, she sees that as a challenge.

Since 2017 she has been running Street Photography workshops, mostly in Edinburgh and Glasgow and most recently in York. She loves to teach street photography, especially seeing her attendees gaining confidence and falling in love with what they do. It’s all very rewarding.

PLEASE NOTE: You will also need to buy your £5 wristband for HIPFest to gain entry