For the last few months I have been testing Apine Hearing Protection PartyPlug ear protectors at gigs I have been covering. Alpine were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs quite a few months back. One pair I gave away in a little quiz I had at my gig photography workshop. The other pair I had with me at a couple of gigs until along with all my gear they were stolen. Once the good people at Alpine (Big thanks to Susanne) heard about this they had another two pairs in the post to me straight away. Now that’s great costumer service for you right there !

Anyway I have now used these ear plugs and quite a number of gigs over the last few months and can write about them here in this blog.

The first thing I can say is how comfortable they are, you honestly forget that you have them in. In fact on more than one occasion I have found myself driving home from a gig still with them in my ears!

One thing that other cheaper earplugs do is distort the actual sound of the band. Now I know im usually at a gig to photograph the band or artist, but I do also like to hear the music they are making too. Alpine Partyplug ear protectors let you do this thanks to their unique “Alpine Acoustic Filters” which filter out the damaging frequencies thus protecting your ears but letting you listen to the music at the same time. So if you are one of these festival goers who get right to the front of a gig next to the PA systems, these are the ear protectors you need.

The other thing is that you can hear and have normal conversations with these ear plugs in.

Alpine PartyPlug ear protectors have a Noise Reduction Rating of 16.5 – 21.5 Decibels.

So would I recommend these ear protectors to other Gig/Live Music photographers ? The answer to that would be a big fat YES. For the price, quality, comfort and protection Alpine PartyPlug give you they are a great buy. The come together with an applicator to help you fit and take out the plugs and a handy Minibox to hold them in when not in use.

Highly Recommended !



Alpine Hearing Protection